General Drive Technology

Compact drives with high energy efficiency: This is en essential trend of general drive technology in mechanical engineering. More and more frequently electric drives are speed-controlled with competition among the individual drive technologies (electromechanical, hydraulical, pneumatic) encouraging the suppliers‘ innovative strength. The result of digitization is that the drives are more and more often integrated in superordinate communications networks.

KTR provide mechanical engineering with a wide range of drive components and systems covering four business segments: mechanical couplings, brake systems, cooling systems and hydraulic components. KTR set standards in these fields over decades again and again while advancing drive technology.

Perfectly organized logistics, worldwide presence with 24 subsidiary companies and more than 90 distributers as well as an international network of 8 production sites create the prerequisite for rapid delivery capability of the overall standard range.

Speedy advice and service with competent and individual support are ensured – in more than 65 countries.

Our product range for General Drive Technology

0 - 5,600 Nm


Individual elastomer version for a wide range of applications.

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0 - 5,000 Nm


Low-cost standard version

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0 - 1,800 Nm


Elastomer elements can be replaced when installed

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0.25 - 4,200 kW

Fluid coupling / Hydrodynamic coupling

smooth start-up of the machine - e. g. for conveyor belts

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Falkirk Wheel

In addition to ROTEX flexible jaw couplings the hydraulic units also feature KTR bellhousings and damping elements.

City Skyriser

KTR components in the world's highest mobile panoramic platform.