Essential task: Preventing torsional vibrations

Gensets take over a vital function as emergency power generators in infrastructure facilities such as hospitals and computer centres, whereas gensets often form the only technology for power generation in areas with no electricity grid.

From the point of view of the design engineer of these plants coupling the I. C.-engine to a generator is a vital task that is not easy to solve. The engine’s inevitable torque shocks generate torsional vibrations which have to be compensated to ensure smooth running of the generator.  

This task requests for highly flexible shaft couplings that are in a position to prevent respectively displace critical resonances. The pre-requisite is an accurate individual selection of the coupling.

We dispose of extensive experiences with the development and selection of highly flexible flange couplings for drive systems subject to torsional vibrations.

Our engineers of the business unit „“Engineered Business“ are cooperating closely with the development engineers of power generation systems. The coupling selection is based on a torsional vibration analysis. Among others, the vibration behavior is adapted via the elastomer hardness and our test field is available for tests with prototypes.


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Heat exchangers for mobile machinery

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