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Product image-ROTEX-Standard-Steel-Stainless steel

ROTEX® padrão

0 - 35,000 Nm / torsionally flexible jaw coupling

The original - renowned industrial standard

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX Standard is an elastomer coupling with feather keyway and particularly low-priced due to its simple structure.
For mounting the hubs of the elastomer coupling are simply pushed on the shafts and axially fastened via setscrews.

Our flexible elastomer coupling ROTEX Standard is provided with splines acc. to DIN and SAE as a standard.

The torsionally flexible ROTEX couplings are suitable for universal use and applied as a flexible shaft connection in almost all ranges of general mechanical and plant engineering.


  • torsionally flexible coupling for torsional vibration-damping power transmission

  • low-cost standard type

  • standard spiders made of high temperature-resistant T-PUR

  • splines acc. to DIN and SAE

  • complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)

Product Details

The coupling hubs of the flexible shaft coupling are available in the following materials:

- steel

- sintered steel

- stainless steel

- aluminium wrought products

- aluminium diecast

- cast iron

- nodular iron

The table below shows the material steel. For any other materials see tab online browse catalogue.

Size Component Spider (component 2) Rated torque [Nm] Dimensions [mm]
Finish bore General Setscrew
92 ShA98 ShA64 ShD Dmin. Dmax. L L1, L2 E B1 S DH DI1 DN N G T TA [Nm]
141a7,5016351113101,5301030 M451,5
1b7,50165018,513101,5301030 M451,5
191a101721025662516122401840 M5102
1b101721025903716122401840 M5102
241a356075035783018142552755 M5102
1b3560750351185018142552755 M5102
281a95160200040903520152,5653065 M81510
1b951602000401406020152,5653065 M81510
381190325405048114452418380387027 M81510
1b1903254050481647024183803880 M81510
421265450560055126502620395468528 M82010
1b26545056005517675262039546 M82010
4813105256550621405628213,5105519532 M82010
1b3105256550621888028213,510551 M82010
55141068582507516065302241206011037 M102017
1b410685825075210903022412060 M102017
65162594011750801857535264,51356811547 M102017
1b625940117508023510035264,513568 M102017
75112801920240009521085403051608013553 M102517
1b1280192024000952601104030516080 M102517
901240036004500011024510045345,520010016062 M123040
1b240036004500011029512545345,5200100200 M123040
100133004950618501152701105038622511318089 M123040
1101480072009000012529512055426,529012720096 M163580
1251665010000125006014534014060467290147230112 M164080
1401855012800160006016037515565507,5320165255124 M2045140
16011280019200240008018542517575579370190290140 M2050140
180118650280003500085200475195856410,5420220325156 M2050140