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Product image ROTEX BFN flange program


0 - 35,000 Nm / coupling as a flange type

ROTEX BFN is a torsionally flexible elastomer coupling as a flange type (flange coupling) and particularly suitable for applications in heavy engineering.

Type BFN of the ROTEX elastomer coupling is characterized by the flange type allowing for radial assembly and disassembly of the shaft coupling or the elastomer without displacing the driving or driven side.

The flange hub 4N of the torsionally jaw coupling as a flange type ROTEX BFN is made of steel and the driving flange 3Na is made of GJS.


  • fail-safe jaw couplings

  • low inertia

  • complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)

  • complying with UKEX (acc. to UKEX directive SI 2016:1107)

  • damping vibrations

Product Details

Size Component 4N max. finish bore D1 Dimensions [mm] Cap screws DIN EN ISO 4762 - 12.9
DH DN2 D4 DI1 DBSE L L1, L2 L5 E B1 S MxLM Z Pitch TA [Nm]
24275555452733863030,518142 M5x168 8x45°10
283065425430391003535,520152,5 M6x208 8x45°17
383880526638431244545,524183 M8x228 8x45°41
42459562804648138505126203 M8x2512 16x22,5°41
485210570905150152565728213,5 M8x2512 16x22,5°41
5560120801026060176656630224 M10x308 8x45°83
6570135941166865201757635264,5 M10x3012 16x22,5°83
758016010813680752298586,540305 M12x4015 20x18°120
9010520014217210082265100101,545345,5 M16x4015 20x18°295
10011522515819511397295110111,550386 M16x5015 20x18°295
11013025517821812710332112012255426,5 M20x5015 20x18°580
12515029020625214711637014014260467 M20x6015 20x18°580
140170320235282165128409155157,565507,5 M20x6015 20x18°580
160200370270325190146463175177,575579 M24x7015 20x18°1000
180230420315375220159515195198856410,5 M24x8018 24x15°1000

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