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Product image ROTEX BTAN SBAN with brake drum with brake disk SBAN


0 - 12,500 Nm / jaw coupling with brake disk

The ROTEX jaw coupling with brake disk for disk for brake calipers. Usually the brake disk is positioned on the driven side having the highest mass moment of inertia. For combinations with brake disks please note the potentially resulting high circumferential speed - KTR recommends dynamic balancing with high-speed drives from 30 m/s.

Fields of application of our torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX SBAN with brake disk (disk for brake caliper):
This combination of coupling and brake disk is used wherever holding brakes or service brakes are required, e. g. on conveyor belts, generators, turbine drives, industrial fans, cranes, hoists, etc.
Safety-relevant drives are preferably combined with ROTEX hubs made of steel/GJS. Applications with moderate demands can be combined with GJL hubs.

Couplings and brakes by KTR:
The customer benefits from being supplied by one single source with the option to develop the brakes (KTR-STOP or EMB-STOP) as well. The KTR-STOP brake is hydraulically actuated and EMB-STOP is electromechanically actuated.


  • torsionally flexible jaw coupling with disk for brake calipers

  • every coupling type can be combined with various sizes of brake disks

  • The brake disk must be fastened on the shoulder of hub 1Nd

  • the max. braking torque must not exceed the maximum torque of the coupling

  • Coupling can be combined with our brake systems

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