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Product image ROTEX clamping hub

ROTEX® Clamping hubs

0 - 4,500 Nm / torsionally flexible jaw coupling with clamping hubs

Jaw coupling with clamping hubs for spline bores acc. to DIN and SAE

ROTEX clamping hubs are torsionally flexible elastomer couplings with clamping hubs and particularly suitable for applications with reversing operation.

Our clamping couplings are provided with spline bores acc. to DIN and SAE as a standard (for standard splines see catalogue). Clamping, i. e. axial fastening of the hub, is realised via cap screws.

Easy assembly and disassembly of the hubs of this clamping coupling.


  • fail-safe clamping coupling (clamping hubs)

  • standard hub material steel

  • suitable in combination with spline bores acc. to DIN 5480, DIN 5482, SAE J498 as well as DIN 9611 / ISO 500 (p. t. o. shaft), DIN 5463 (ISO 14), DIN 5481 and DIN 5472

  • balanced based on 3D-CAD data

  • particularly suitable for applications with reversing operation

Product Details

SizeAbmessungen [mm] Clamping screws DIN EN ISO 4762
D max. L L1/L2 Lmin. E B1 S DH DN DI1 DK A1 A2 K M TA [Nm]
1920662520161224018461214,5 M614
242878302518142552757,51220 M614
283890353020152,5656530731425 M835
384211445352418380703877,51926,5 M835
425512650422620395854693,52032 M1069
4855140564628213,510595511052436 M12120
556816065503022412011060119,5265142,5 M12120
6570185755535264,513511568132,5336150 M12120
758021085654030516013580158366857 M16295
90902451008045345,5200160100197408072 M20580
Size Bore D and the respective transmittable friction torques TR in [Nm]
Ø 8Ø 10Ø 11Ø 14Ø 15Ø 16Ø 18Ø 19Ø 20Ø 22Ø 24Ø 25Ø 28Ø 30Ø 32Ø 35Ø 38Ø 40Ø 42Ø 45Ø 48Ø 50Ø 55Ø 60Ø 65Ø 70Ø 75Ø 80Ø 85Ø 90