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Product image ROTEX GS clamping hubs light backlash-free jaw coupling integrated clamping system

ROTEX® GS Standard types

0.2 - 5.850 Nm / backlash-free jaw coupling

Low-cost, backlash-free servo couplings - easy and quick assembly

ROTEX GS is a three-part servo coupling backlash-free under prestress (elastomer coupling). The various hub versions and different Shore hardnesses determine the optimum coupling for each application in automation technology. It is used wherever drives have to position accurately. In spite of its vibration-damping properties the coupling is torsionally stiff so that you do not have to cut back on precision even with highly dynamic servo drives. The ROTEX GS backlash-free elastomer couplings allow for simultaneous compensation of radial, axial and angular displacements.

The backlash-free servo coupling ROTEX GS uses the construction kit system, it is available in a high variance of different hub types which can be combined within one coupling size. The selection of the hub material depends on the size and it is composed of either aluminium or steel. Both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway are available.


  • easy assembly

  • low-priced

  • good visual inspection of wear and estimation of service life

  • electrically insulating to interrupt leakage current

  • damping vibrations

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