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Product image ROTEX GS P ETP backlash-free jaw coupling integrated hydraulic clamping system


35 - 560 Nm / backlash-free servo coupling

The ROTEX GS P ETP hub with an integrated high-precision hydraulic clamping bush is particularly designed for quick and frequent assembly.

The hub of our servo laminae coupling (elastomer coupling) is made of steel and fastened to the shaft safely and frictionally engaged via one single screw. There is high concentricity even after frequent assembly/disassembly. This ensures smooth running even with high speeds. Assembly without axial shifting of hubs.


  • backlash-free shaft coupling damping vibrations with integrated ETP quick clamping system

  • quick assembly / disassembly since one screw only needs to be tightened

  • severely good concentric running properties even after repeated assembly operations

  • assembly / disassembly for thousands of times

  • assembly in spaces difficult to access possible, since the pressure screw is tightened in axial direction to the shaft

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