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Product image ROTEX GS clamping hubs light backlash-free jaw coupling integrated clamping system

ROTEX® GS clamping ring hubs light

7.5 - 655 Nm / backlash-free servo coupling

Clamping ring hub - high friction torque

The ROTEX GS clamping ring hub light is a two-part taper hub (clamping ring hub) made of aluminium with an integrated clamping system.

This backlash-free servo coupling with an integrated clamping system has a low mass moment of inertia and high friction torque. It is rotationally symmetric and thus suitable for high speeds.


  • maintenance-free servo coupling with an integrated clamping system made of aluminium

  • easy assembly by internal clamping screws and block assembly

  • high friction torques, smooth running

  • application up to a circumferential speed of 50 m/s 

  • torsionally flexible

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