• torsionalmente rígido
  • sin juego
  • comprobación de la distancia de eje
  • absorbe desalineación angular
  • absorbe desalineación axial
  • absorbe desalineación radial
  • temperatura de trabajo máx. 280 grados
  • doblemente cardánica
  • sin mantenimiento

Product features

  • Easy radial assembly / disassembly due to half shell hubs

  • Lamina sets assembled by the factory

  • Coupling balanced as a unit

  • Cost-optimized and performance-optimized type

  • Compact dimensions

  • Taking large shaft diameters

  • Drop-out protection of spacer with fracture of laminas in accordance with API671


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Los acoplamientos RIGIFLEX® encuentran su aplicación en todos aquellos lugares donde se solicita una transmisión de fuerza fiable y exenta de mantenimiento con un desplazamiento simultáneo del árbol. Las laminillas están ejecutadas como capas de laminillas entalladas. Estas se unen a través de pernos de ajuste por fuerza absolutamente libres de juego con los cubos o bien las bridas.


RIGIFLEX® laminae are waisted laminae sets arranged in layers. They are connected to the hubs or flanges, respectively, in an absolutely backlash-free fit by means of positive-locking set screws. The number of the layers of individual laminae allows to vary torques, displacement figures and stiffness for special designs.

Securing the spacer

Since our main idea with the development of RIGIFLEX® couplings was to comply with the standards of API 610 and API 671, the spacer is secured by a safety catch, too. In case that the laminae break the spacer remains within the coupling.

In general the removable part is supplied along with a laminae set preassembled by the manufacturer.