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Product image RUFLEX toque limiters with torsionally rigid BoWex

RUFLEX® with BoWex®

0.5 - 400 Nm / Torque limiter with BoWex®

Torque limiter with torsionally stiff curved-tooth gear coupling

The RUFLEX torque limiter with BoWex gear coupling combines a torque limiter with a curved-tooth gear coupling for shaft-to-shaft connections.

BoWex curved-tooth gear couplings are flexible and torsionally stiff shaft connections for a positive-locking torque transmission and particularly suitable to offset axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.


  • high displacements subject to double-cardanic design
  • low-cost torque protection for shaft-to-shaft connections
  • axially pluggable torque limiter
  • easy setting of slipping torque via standard tools
  • overload protection up to 400 Nm

Product Details


Dirk Kohls - Product manager torque limiters