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Product image CLAMPEX KTR 200 Clamping elements self-centering


530 - 68,000 Nm / clamping set with a wide range of applications

Clamping set with a wide range of applications

The self-centering internal clamping set CLAMPEX KTR 200 is a shaft-hub-connection with a wide range of applications.

This internal clamping set allows for a backlash-free and frictionally engaged connection between cylindrical shafts without keyway and hub bores.

The wedge-shaped components of the clamping sets that are shifted on top of each other via clamping screws generate radial forces ensuring friction fit on the contact surfaces of shaft and hub bore.

This friction fit allows for simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force.

The integrated clamping screws of this clamping set are used for clamping and releasing the clamping set. Additional centering between shaft and hub is not necessary.

During the assembly the hub is axially displaced towards the shaft.


  • backlash-free shaft-hub-connection

  • simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force

  • additional centering of the hub is not necessary

  • maintenance-free

  • operating temperature from -20 °C to +160 °C

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Philipp Johannes
Technical support clamping elements (CLAMPEX) and KTR Precision Joints