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Product image ROTEX clamping ring hub

ROTEX® clamping ring hubs

0 - 4,500 Nm / torsionally flexible jaw coupling

Jaw coupling with clamping ring hubs for fricitionally engaged shaft-hub-connections

ROTEX clamping ring hubs are torsionally flexible elastomer couplings with an integrated clamping system for frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connections.

Thanks to the integrated clamping system the ROTEX clamping ring hubs are able to transmit high friction torques. The internal clamping screws allow for easy assembly of the coupling.

Due to the rotation symmetry this type is additionally characterized by particularly smooth running


  • torsionally flexible jaw couplings with integrated clamping system

  • friction connection for cylindrical shafts

  • application up to a circumferential speed of 40 m/s 

  • particularly smooth running

  • high friction torques

Product Details

Size Spider (component 2) Rated torque [Nm] Dimensions [mm] Clamping screws DIN EN ISO 4762 Weight per hub with max.bore [kg] Mass moment of inertia per hub with max. bore [kgm²]
92 ShA98 ShA64 ShD D max. DH DI1 L L1/L2 L3 E B1 S M Z TA [Nm] M1
1910172120401866251816122 M464,1 M40,1790,000044
2435607528552778302218142 M548,5 M50,3990,000191
289516020038653090352720152,5 M588,5 M50,5920,000418
38190325405488038114453524183 M6814 M61,2250,00129
42265450560559546126503526203 M8441 M82,30,00317
483105256555510551140564128213,5 M10469 M103,080,0052
554106858257412060160654530224 M10469 M104,670,0103
6562594011757013568185755535264,5 M124120 M126,70,0191
7512801920240080160804602106340305 M125120 M129,90,03968
902400360045001052001002451007545345,5 M165295 M1617,70,1136
Size Bore D and the respective transmittable friction torques TR in [Nm]
Ø 10Ø 11Ø 14Ø 15Ø 16Ø 19Ø 20Ø 24Ø 25Ø 28Ø 30Ø 32Ø 35Ø 38Ø 40Ø 42Ø 45Ø 48Ø 50Ø 55Ø 60Ø 65Ø 70Ø 80Ø 90Ø 95Ø 100Ø 105