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Product image ROTEX AH torsionally flexible coupling with split hubs


0 - 12,500 Nm / torsionally flexible coupling with split hubs

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX AH is an elastomer coupling with split hubs (half shell coupling). This design is also referred to as drop-out center design coupling, half shell coupling, clamping coupling, coupling with split hubs or elastomer coupling with split clamping hub.

The hubs of the ROTEX elastomer coupling type A-H are split. Easy radial asssembly/disassembly of the half shell coupling can be made by tightening and unscrewing four screws only. The version is available both with and without feather keyway.


  • assembly/disassembly via four screws

  • compensating for displacements (axial, radial, angular)

  • maintenance-free

  • complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)

  • complying with UKEX (acc. to UKEX directive SI 2016:1107)

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