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Product image side ROFLEX SH elastic jaw coupling SPLIT hub


0 - 5,000 Nm / torsionally flexible, fail-safe shaft coupling

The torsionally flexible, failsafe shaft coupling ROFLEX SH Split is a short, three-part shaft coupling for torsional vibration damping power transmission.

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROFLEX SH Split is an elastomer coupling with fracture separated/cracked hubs (SH SPLIT). This design is also referred to as half shell coupling, clamping coupling, coupling with split hubs or elastomer coupling with split clamping hub.

The coupling transmits torques up to 1,800 Nm.



  • three-part shaft coupling for torsional vibration-damping power transmission

  • axial plug-in, easy assembly

  • easy assembly/disassembly via four screws

  • compact: small shaft distance dimension

  • elastomer spider can be replaced when assembled

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