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Product image side ROFLEX N elastic jaw coupling two-part


0 - 5,000 Nm / fail-safe shaft couplings

The torsionally flexible, failsafe shaft coupling ROFLEX N is a short, two-part shaft coupling according to DIN 740 for torsional vibration damping power transmission. The compact design of ROFLEX N results in a short shaft distance dimension or DBSE „Distance Between Shaft Ends“.

The coupling halves identical in design are made of cast iron making the ROFLEX N standard type particularly low-priced. The shaft coupling is mounted simply in that the hubs are pushed on the shaft and axially fastened via setscrews.

The ROFLEX N transmits torques up to 5,000 Nm reliably.


  • two-part shaft coupling (pump coupling) for torsional vibration-damping power transmission

  • low-cost standard type

  • axial plug-in, easy assembly

  • maintenance-free

  • compact: small shaft distance dimension

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