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Fluid coupling

0,25 - 4,200 kW / hydraulic coupling

Fluid couplings for smooth starting of the machine - e. g. for conveyors

The fluid couplings of KTR Systems are hydraulic couplings for hydrodynamic power transmission according to the Foettinger Principle.

Function of fluid coupling:

The operating principle of the fluid coupling is originally based on the hydrodynamic torque converter patented by Hermann Foettinger (1877 - 1945) (Foettinger Principle). Here the inertia forces are transmitted by a flowing fluid (e. g. oil), driving and driven side being mechanically separated from each other.

With this operating principle the mechanically driven pump wheel accelerates the fluid in the work space via radially arranged internal blades. The rotational energy of the circulating fluid absorbed by the blades of the turbine wheel accelerates this process and the resulting mechanical power is dissipated on the driven side.


  • start-up support for the motor

  • limitation of starting and maximum torque

  • damping of the overall drive train

  • overload protection with breakdown

  • no mechanical wear

Types of fluid couplings/hydraulic couplings

Our product portfolio of fluid couplings includes a large number of product types. No matter whether compact variants with very smooth starting or radially dismountable, displacement-friendly types are required - we can provide the right coupling, please contact us.