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Product image ROTEX SD shiftable coupling shiftable at standstill


0 - 12,500 Nm / shiftable jaw coupling

Coupling shiftable at standstill

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX SD is an elastomer coupling shiftable at standstill (shiftable coupling).

The shiftable ROTEX coupling type SD enables easy disconnection and connection of the driving and driven side with standstill of the plant.

Please note with shiftable coupling ROTEX SD:
Shiftable linkage also available with locking pins, lock device and retrieval of shifting position via sensors.


  • jaw coupling shiftable at standstill / shiftable coupling
  • easy disconnection resp. connection of driving and driven machines with standstill of the plant
  • existing shiftable hub can be combined with slip ring and shiftable linkage
  • pilot bored shifting hubs must be set to the necessary shifting force after final machining
  • complete shifting device consists of split slip ring made of red brass, shifting fork, shifting shaft, shifting lever, eye-type bearing

Product Details


Michael Brüning - Product manager elastic jaw and pin and bush couplings