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Product image RUFLEX toque limiters standard width of drive component

RUFLEX® Standard

0.5 - 12,000 Nm / Torque limiter

The RUFLEX standard torque limiter is a torque limiter without a driving component for every drive. It is versatile due to the construction kit system of the RUFLEX torque limiter.

The combination of this torque limiter (safety coupling) with the renowned KTR couplings ROTEX (flexible shaft coupling) or BoWex (gear coupling) and the integration of customized driving components (e. g. sprockets) allows for overload protection optimally adjusted to the respective application."


  • without driving component, for versatile applications

  • low-priced

  • load-holding overload protection up to 12,000 Nm

  • integration of customised drive components

  • available from stock without bore

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