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Product image RUFLEX toque limiters max. type

RUFLEX® max.

5 - 1,600 Nm / Torque limiter

Torque limiter for larger drive components by widened bearing

This torque limiter is versatile and also available as a subassembly with sprocket  (RUFLEX torque limiter with sprocket).

Applications of our RUFLEX max. torque limiter:

The RUFLEX max. torque limiter is used wherever it is necessary to connect larger drive components by a widened bearing, e. g.  with a Triplex sprocket or a V-belt pulley.


  • precise adjustment to customer's mounting dimensions possible

  • also available as a subassembly with sprocket

  • double and triple chain drives

  • multi-groove V-belt pulleys

  • backlash-free

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