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Couplings for Fire Pump Applications

In general, pumps used in fire protection systems require a unique solution, not only from a regulatory
standpoint, but an understanding of what is required of the coupling. A few of the criteria below are
difficult to achieve with a coupling requiring lubrication or frequent maintenance.

  • More stop & starts than runtime
  • Standby mode for majority of life
  • Expected to transmit torque when all else fails
  • Ability to accommodate misalignments

KTR considered these criteria when selecting the ROTEX® coupling as a reduced maintenance, fail-safe solution to be used in fire pump applications – and we were not alone. ROTEX® has earned the Underwriters Lab listing for UL 448A - Flexible Couplings and Connecting Shafts for Stationary Fire Pumps. In addition to adherence to UL’s stringent test criteria – which included running the coupling at maximum torque and speed without the elastomeric element – the ROTEX® standard coupling provides:

  • Lubrication free design for reduced maintenance
  • Steel construction with multiple clamping options
  • Curve jaw design eases assembly and reduces restoring forces
  • Urethane Spider, balance between dampening and torque capacity