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Electronic Data Interchange

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for an automated electronic interchange of standardised business documents between you and the ERP system of KTR Systems. EDI replaces manual processes of order placement and distribution creating smooth electronic trading between buyer and supplier. EDI replaces classic paper documents by electronic documents.

The direct data transmission from one computer to another ensures high process reliability. Transmission errors by manual entry is avoided, since the process takes place fully automatically.

EDI eliminates waiting time that is associated with manual processing, provides information on products and stock level in real time, generates benchmarks for future sales forecasts and reduces overhead costs by creating an efficient business process.

You will have our full support with establishing and using EDI.

What are the benefits of EDI?

  • Expedited order processes, data interchange within seconds, improved response times

  • Better process reliability by eliminating manual processing steps

  • Efficient data transmission

  • Individual options of connectivity

  • Significant potential cost savings by electronic processing

  • Zero paper consumption

Supported formats

Implemented data formats for interchange via EDI:

  • VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry or VDA)
  • EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport)
  • XML-IDOC (SAP-specific XML format)
  • CSV (Character Separated Values) *
  • XML (Standard XML format) *
  • Excel (Excel Sheet) *

* Customer-specific format is possible upon agreement.We are pleased to send you a blueprint as well.

Message types/business processes

The following information gives an overview over the message standards and business processes implemented in KTR for interchanging business documents via EDI.

Please select a business process or format to see their specifications:

Options of transmission

To allow as many business partners as possible to communicate with KTR, you can reach us via different transmission protocols:

  • OFTP2 (direct connection via TCP/IP via OFTP2 protocol)
  • SFTP (by SFTP client via Internet via Secure File Transfer protocol)
  • FTP (by FTP client via Internet via File Transfer protocol)
  • X.400 (via telebox system of DeutscheTelekom)
  • E-Mail (the data is expected as an annex to an e-mail)

Platform of collaboration: myOpenFactory

OFTP2 Parameters

The OFTP2 parameters you require for your connection with EDI are (Odette Communication Profile):

  • Odette (SSID): O0013008469KTR-GMBH
  • Odette (SFID): O0013008469KTR-GMBH
  • Password: **** (Your password)
  • Software itelligence: OFTP adapter
  • Available for: 24 hours
  • IP to KTR: (
  • IP by KTR:

EDI contact form

Please fill in the contact form to start with EDI. After that we will contact you as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with our contact person for EDI in KTR at the phone number +49 5971 798-200 or by e-mail to:

Main contact for EDI business process

Title *

Contact for technical link


Another contact of an external service provider


Business process

Delivery schedule


Order confirmation

Shipping notification


Other processes

What transmission protocol shall be used for technical link?

What ERP system is used in your company?

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