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Catalogues and brochures

Curious about everything that KTR is capable of?
Then download the latest version of the KTR catalogues and brochures and learn more. You can also order print versions of certain catalogs.

Main catalogues

Catalogue Drive technology

The drive technology catalogue comprises couplings (jaw couplings, pin & bush couplings, servo couplings, laminae couplings, flange couplings, magnetic couplings), safety couplings (torque limiters), clamping sets, universal joints (cardan shafts) and torque sensors (torque measuring shafts)

Katalog Antriebstechnik | KTR Systems GmbH

Catalogue Brake systems

The brake systems catalogue comprises active fixed caliper brakes, active floating caliper brakes, passive floating caliper brakes, thruster brakes, yaw brakes, Rotor Lock, electrical brake controls and hydraulic clamping systems.

Katalog Bremssysteme | KTR Brake Systems

Catalogue Hydraulic components

The hydraulics cataloge comprises bellhousings and accessories (damping rings, damping rods, elastic flanges, foot flanges, gaskets), tanks and tank accessories (oil sump pans, cleaning covers, oil level indicators) and temperature controls and temperature monitoring (temperature probes, oil temperature valves, industrial controllers, tank heaters, temperature and level switches, filler necks, oil level sight glasses).

Katalog Hydraulik-Komponenten

Catalogue Cooling systems

Our cooler catalogue comprises oil/air coolers (for stationary hydraulics, for mobile machines), oil/water coolers (plate heat exchangers or bundle of pipes heat exchangers) and MMC combined coolers (mobile machinery coolers - tailor-made heat exchangers as system coolers, compressor coolers or hydraulic coolers).

Katalog Kühlysysteme | KTR Systems GmbH


In mechanical engineering, we have to deal with complex contexts on a daily basis. With our white papers, we reduce the complexity for you and compile the topics that affect our products clearly for you.

You get quick access to the topics and find out directly who you can talk to further about this topic if you have any questions. Have fun browsing!

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