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Product image ROTEX GS Compact backlash-free jaw coupling compact design

ROTEX® GS Compact

0.7 - 405 Nm / backlash-free servo coupling

Compact elastomer coupling

The backlash-free servo coupling (elastomer coupling) ROTEX GS Compact is characterized by its short design. The low-priced clamping hubs are made of aluminium allowing for easy and quick assembly of our backlash-free coupling.

The range of ROTEX GS Compact (backlash-free servo coupling) includes both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway.


  • backlash-free, torsionally flexible elastomer coupling / servo couplings

  • it is up to 1/3 shorter than standard types

  • axial slot, DBGM (German utility model)

  • good concentric running properties

  • uniform power transmission by cams without slots

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