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Product image REVOLEX KX-D 650 clamping set flexible pin & bush coupling Steel

REVOLEX® KX-D pin & bush coupling with KTR 650 clamping set

9,400 - 265,000 Nm / pin & bush coupling with KTR 650 clamping set

The flexible coupling REVOLEX KX-D made of steel with KTR 650 is a fail-safe pin & bush coupling with clamping set.

Large drives often do without a feather key connection.

Transmitting torques with smooth drive shafts requires frictionally engaged connections. This is typically done via oil press fits. For that purpose the bore needs expensive grinding, the hub is heated and the shaft cooled for mounting.

With the pin & bush coupling REVOLEX KX-D with clamping set KTR 650 assembly and disassembly is simply made with a CLAMPEX clamping set. For that purpose the clamping set is screwed to a coupling flange having the benefit that the solid hub body is replaced by the clamping set. Having unscrewed the clamping screws the coupling flanges including the pin can be radially dismounted.


  • flexible pin & bush coupling with clamping set

  • fail-safe

  • damping vibrations

  • axial plug-in, easy assembly

  • maintenance-free

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