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Product image REVOLEX KX-D flexible pin & bush coupling Steel

REVOLEX® KX-D made of steel

0 - 1,350,000 Nm / flexible pin & bush coupling

The flexible coupling REVOLEX KX-D made of steel is a fail-safe pin & bush coupling.
The REVOLEX pin & bush coupling made of steel is suitable for a circumferential speed of up to 60 m/s. As an example, directly driven industrial fans require high speeds besides high performance.

Feather key connections are standard shaft-hub-connections. In addition the hub material steel enables oil press fits as well as combinations with CLAMPEX internal clamping sets and external clamping sets.

The REVOLEX made of steel can be realised with customised special dimensions, we are free to define diameter and length.

Furthermore there is the option to use special steel materials. As an example, pin & bush couplings made of high-strength steel like 42CrMo4 or steel with special notch impact strength for cryogenic temperature applications (oil rigs, arctic belt drives) have been implemented. In addition steel materials with 3.1 + 3.2 acc. to DIN EN 10204 for marine applications have been realised which are used, for example, in bow thrusters (thrusters) of large cruise liners.

Pin & bush couplings available from stock
The REVOLEX® KX-D pin & bush coupling made of steel is available from stock in sizes 75 to 330 as a pilot bored version. Special dimensions in diameter and length are available.


  • torsionally flexible, fail-safe pin & bush coupling / shaft coupling

  • maintenance-free

  • pins radially mountable/dismountable

  • machined allover, good dynamic properties

  • hub material steel for high loads and speeds

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