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Product image CLAMPEX KTR 400 Clamping elements self-centering high transmission performance


up to 1,640,000 Nm / self-centering clamping element with highest performance data

The CLAMPEX® KTR 400 self-centering internal clamping set is a backlash-free clamping element.

These clamping sets allow for a backlash-free and frictionally engaged connection between cylindrical shafts without keyway and hub bores (shaft-hub-connection).

The self-centering internal clamping set CLAMPEX KTR 400 has the longest mounting length compared to other internal clamping sets, thus transmits the highest forces. Additional centering between shaft and hub is not necessary.

During assembly there is an axial displacement of hub to shaft.


  • backlash-free shaft-hub-connection

  • simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force

  • additional centering of the hub is not necessary

  • transmitting the highest forces compared to other clamping sets

  • maintenance-free

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