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Product image CLAMPEX KTR 130 Clamping elements self-centering central clamping nut


10 - 2,320 Nm / internal clamping set for easy assembly/disassembly

The self-centering internal clamping set CLAMPEX KTR 130 is a backlash-free shaft-hub-connection.

The centre clamping nut of CLAMPEX KTR 130 facilitates the assembly/disassembly significantly and reduces the assembly and disassembly time compared to other types of clamping sets considerably.

Additional centering between shaft and hub is not necessary. During the assembly there is an axial displacement of shaft to hub.


  • backlash-free shaft-hub-connection

  • simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force

  • additional centering of the hub is not necessary

  • central clamping nut for easy assembly and disassembly

  • operating temperature from -20 °C to +160 °C

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