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Product image BoWex-Elastic HE1-HE4 highly flexible flange couplingen axial plug-in


0 - 5,000 Nm / highly flexible flange coupling

The coupling type BoWex-ELASTIC HE1 / HE2 is a highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimensions for mounting to I. C.-engines.

The design is characterized by a mounting flange made of polyamide available in five coupling sizes and six SAE flange sizes. The flange coupling HE1 / HE2 is applicable up to a maximum operating temperature of 100 °C.

The combination with coupling hubs of the BoWex standard range allows for compensating for misalignment of driving and driven side. The coupling is assessed and approved for potentially explosive atmospheres acc. to EC directive 2014/34/EU. Differentiating between the respective type 1 and 2 results in an either short or long version of the coupling.


  • highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special dimensions

  • damping torsional vibrations

  • compensating for displacements on the driving and driven side

  • axial fitting without subsequent screwing

  • available in the Shore hardness T40, T50 and T65 ShA

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