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Product image BoWex HEW Compact curved-tooth gear coupling compact design

BoWex® HEW Compact

0 - 8,400 Nm / highly flexible shaft-to-shaft coupling

The curved-tooth gear coupling BoWex HEW Compact is a highly flexible shaft-to-shaft coupling particularly suitable for compensating for high displacements.

A compact design, axial plug-in and low restoring forces characterize this type. Typical applications of this gear coupling are applications with severe torsional vibrations such as screw compressors, piston compressors or transfer pumps.

For an optimum selection of the gear coupling various kinds of elastomer Shore hardness are available to adjust the torsional stiffness perfectly to the application.Specifically when using drives with electric motors this highly flexible coupling proves its benefits.

In addition compensation of axial length is possible via the typical BoWex spline.


  • highly flexible shaft coupling 8,400 Nm

  • maintenance-free gear coupling / curved-tooth gear coupling

  • mainly used in variable-speed drives vmax=50 m/s

  • high potential of compensating for misalignment

  • very compact type of gear coupling

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