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Product image SYNTEX-NC backlash-free overload systems with torsionally Toolflex S


0 - 550 Nm / Safety coupling with torsionally stiff TOOLFLEX®

Safety coupling with backlash-free and torsionally rigid metal bellow-type coupling

The backlash-free safety coupling SYNTEX-NC with TOOLFLEX is a combination of an overload coupling and metal bellow-type coupling.

This coupling has all the properties and possibilities of a safety couplings and torsionally stiff, backlash-free metal bellow-type couplings.

This combination of the safety coupling is available in a DK or SK ratchet design (automatic engagement) in combination with the many different hub versions from the TOOLFLEX metal bellow-type coupling series.


  • able to compensate for displacements
  • TOOLFLEX® with frictionally engaged clamping hub or taper hub
  • lightweight design for low inertia
  • safety couplings as a ratchet and synchronous type
  • maintenance-free

Product Details


Dirk Kohls - Product manager torque limiters