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2.5 - 3,200 Nm / backlash-free servo laminae coupling

Servo laminae coupling with clamping hubs:RADEX-NC EK with clamping hubs is a single-cardanic standard series. The clamping hubs make the servo laminae coupling easy to assemble. The hubs are fastened to the shaft by tightening one single clamping screw eccentrically positioned. Here both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway are available.

Servo laminae coupling with clamping ring hub:RADEX-NC EK with clamping ring hub is a single-cardanic series for high speeds.The two-part, rotationally symmetric taper hubs ensure smooth running along with a safe, frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connection even with high speeds.


  • backlash-free servo laminae coupling

  • maintenance-free

  • max. ambient temperatures of +200 °C

  • torsionally stiff

  • single-cardanic coupling design

Product Details


Johannes Deister
Product manager backlash-free servo couplings