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Product image Oil-air cooler OAC cooling systems high-performance cooling

Oil/air coolers OAC

2 - 350 kW cooling capacity, 5 - 750 l/min oil volume flow / Oil/air coolers

Compact and high-performance oil cooler type OAC standard. Standard fan drive consisting of 230/400V motor, 12V/24V fan and hydraulic fan drive. In addition available with electric motor and 60 Hz frequency.

Besides the versions "maritime" and "ATEX" this series is available in combination with thermal bypass valves or pressure bypass valves. The cooling elements originate from our own production line in our cooler production plant located in Jiaxing, China.

Our compact and high-performance oil/air coolers are available in 12 sizes for cooling hydraulic and lubricating oils.The OAC oil/air cooler pumps the following media: hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, water glycol.


  • Easy to service and good options of cleaning

  • low sound pressure level

  • CE marking

  • Painting for salty environment/near shore (CDP + powder painting)

  • Pressure bypass 4 and 6 bars

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Hendrik Stroet
Product Manager OAC coolers