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MMC combined cooler - mobile machinery cooler

Combined cooler - Engineering and manufacture from a single source

Depending on the application, our  combined coolers type  MMC (Mobile Machinery Cooler)  combine different media such as oil, water, fuel and air in one cooling system that is calculated and designed according to the application.

Tailor-made heat exchangers  for compressors and special hydraulic systems supplement the portfolio. Each MMC cooler is a project-specific version - calculated and developed by our engineers.

Main applications are cooling of engines and hydraulic oil in construction machinery and agricaltural machinery with tight mounting spaces.

In mobile machinery various cooling circuits can be combined with each other in an  MMC combined cooler  in a number of ways: hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, fuel, coolant, charge air and water glycol.

Our range of combined coolers (MMC combined coolers) includes heat exchangers for mobile machinery (MMC engine system coolers), heat exchangers for special hydraulic systems (MMC hydraulic coolers) and heat exchangers for compressors (MMC compressor coolers).

Applications of our combined cooler (MMC combined cooler):

Our high-performance and efficient cooling systems are used both in stationary and mobile power packs:

  • construction machinery, e. g. road finishers, rollers, bulldozers, graders
  • concrete mixers and concrete pump trucks
  • agricultural machinery and forestry machinery, e. g. tractors, harvesters, field sprayers, combine harvesters
  • municipal vehicles and municipal machinery
  • dumpers


Joachim Grunwald
Product manager combined coolers