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Product image CLAMPEX 150 Clamping elements not self-centering


2 - 215,000 Nm / not self-centering internal clamping set

Low-priced clamping set with smallest dimensions

The not self-centering clamping set CLAMPEX KTR 150 is a backlash-free shaft-hub-connection.

The CLAMPEX KTR 150 internal clamping set has the smallest dimensions compared to other clamping sets making this clamping set well-priced. .

The use of the CLAMPEX KTR 150 clamping element requires direct centering between shaft and hub.


  • backlash-free shaft-hub-connection
  • simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force
  • low-priced clamping elements with smallest dimensions
  • operating temperature from -20 °C to +160 °C
  • centering between shaft and hub required

Product Details


Philipp Johannes - Technical support clamping elements (CLAMPEX) and KTR Precision Joints