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Filler necks and oil level sight glasses

Accessories / Filler necks and oil level sight glasses

Oil level sight glasses for visual monitoring of level:

The oil level sight glass is a fitting for level indication of liquids. Our oil level sight glasses are made of lightweight metal with a hexagonal body. The sight glass is made of natural glass. The oil level sight glasses are heat-resistant up to 100 °C.

Filler necks for filling of oil tank:

Filler necks with filler breathers are intended for filling or re-filling of oil tanks. The integrated filler breather filters the air that flows back into the tank so that no dirt from outside is penetrating (filter quality 10 µm).

Fitted with a filler sieve, they furthermore ensure initial coarse filtration when filling the tank.


    Product Details

    Oil level sight glasses:

    - Oil level sight glasses made of lightweight metal

    - Hexagonal body

    - Sight glass made of natural glass

    - Heat-resistant up to 100 °C

    - Gasket is part of the scope of delivery

    - Sizes G 1/2", G 3/4" and G 1"

    Filler necks:

    - Filler neck with filler breather (filter quality 10 µm)

    - Air flow:

    KE 01 = approx. 0.40 m³/min

    KE 02 = approx. 0.45 m³/min"

    - Sizes: KE01 and KE02