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Intra logistics – industrial production in motion

René Edelbusch

Industry Manager Automation

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If products, tanks or packaging units in industrial general cargo production are moved, lifted or conveyed, intra logistics enters the game – a broad field ranging from linear drives through assembly and handling units to gantries and industrial trucks

Besides growing automation the focus is on interlinking of drives and machines. According to Industry 4.0 the target is to manufacture smaller quantities with a high level of efficiency. Here availability and reliability of the individual (electric) drives are as decisive as energy efficiency.

This means for drive elements such as couplings and overload systems: They have to be free from wear, compact and easy to assemble. Moreover, with servo and synchronous drives zero backlash and/or accurate response in case of overload are required. In addition there are industry-specific specifications such as „hygienic design“ with food and packaging machines

The drive components KTR developed for applications in intra logistics meet these requirments. The couplings of the catalogue range offset shaft misalignment and dampen vibrations, thus raising the service life of the drive system. Overload systems prevent damages of machines in case of overload, clamping and universal joints ensure a safe connection of drive elements. This means that KTR is actually a system provider in the range of intra logistics, as a close look to individual product segments and application fields proves. 

To protect against damage, our couplings and overload systems are wear-free, compact and easy to fit

Materials handling and storage technology

The product range for the manufacturers of materials handling technologypicking technology and lifting equipment comprises manifold series of couplings and clamping sets. The spectrum ranges from miniature precision couplings for assembly and handling units in the semiconductor industry to couplings in potentially explosive areas (ATEX 2014/34/EU) for heavy conveyor systems in the extraction industry.

General cargo conveyor systems

In the age of e-commerce and just-in-time logistics, many companies and logistics service providers invest in the automation of in-house transport. With the selection of drive technology, precision and repeatability are part of the essential factors. Short cycle times, lowest possible service effort, low energy consumption and high availability are crucial from the point of view operator.

Our drive elements contribute to meeting these requirements. As an example: the backlash-free ROTEX GS shaft couplings ensure synchronous operation of handling units. Torsionally flexible couplings of the ROTEX and REVOLEX series compensate for shaft displacement and ensure smooth starting of the drives and consequently smooth motions of the conveyor systems while reducing wear in the overall drive train. Torque limiters, also referred to as overload systems or safety couplings, uncouple driving and driven side with overload, thus preventing both failures of plants and situations that are hazardous for service staff.

Industrial trucks, lifting equipment and driverless transportation systems

Numerous mobile systems are in use in logistics centres, in the warehouse and generally in intra logistics. Our couplings make sure they perform precise and safe travel and lifting motions. This applies for quite different drives: ranging from forklift trucks with I. C.-engines or electric motors through powerful crane systems and flexible manipulators to driverless transportation systems.

Heavy conveyors

In mining and in extraction industry, e. g. in quarries, conveyors are exposed to quite different loads than in industry. Long distances, heavy loads, dust, dirt and moisture as well as heavy mechanical loads call for every single component in the drive system.

In these cases, among other things, solid steel laminae couplings such as RADEX-N are used and gear couplings of the BoWex and GEARex series cover the heavy duty range. Couplings with a variable intermediate pipe length allow for large shaft displacements with low restoring forces.

The KTR portfolio also includes electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for bulk material conveyors that are used as service, safety or holding brakes. The plant is stopped via active braking, a passive brake serves as a safety system with power failure or pressure loss. If requested, we supply the electronic control system specifically for conveyors as well: IntelliRamp allows for program-controlled precise braking processes.