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Bellhousings Aluminium

Size 160 - 800 / Circular and rectangular type on the pump side

Material aluminium: low weight with sufficient strength. If used inside buildings, protective coat is not necessary. Our bellhousings are manufactured following standardised lengths and dimensions acc. to VDMA standard 24561

Other types of aluminium bellhousings:

- Bellhousing with rectangular flange on the pump side for external gear pumps.

- Compact bellhousing for the combination with damping rings type “D“.

- Horizontal mounting in combination with KTR foot flanges possible, bellhousing available with venting hole and oil bleed on request.

- Available from stock for the most common motor-pump-combinations


  • Motor side for electric motors according to IEC

  • Available in different versions

  • VDMA standard 24561

  • Low weight

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