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Temperature control and temperature monitoring

Solutions for temperature control and temperature monitoring

The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is one of the main parameters for the long service life of a hydraulic system. It is in relation to the oil temperature:

When a hydraulic system starts, the oil temperature is relatively low and consequently the viscosity is high. This results in higher friction and cavitation with pumps and motors affecting the service life.

Too high temperatures may damage the hydraulic system as well. Too high temperatures may damage both the gaskets and the oil itself.

Equally important is the monitoring of the oil level. A too low oil level may cause the pumps sucking air. This may cause damage on the pumps and adjacent hydraulic components.

We provide a wide standard range of hydraulic components. Our portfolio of temperature control and level monitoring includes temperature probe (temperature switch TSC, temperature probe TE-PT 100), oil temperature control valve (OTV), level and temperature switch NVT and electronic level and temperature switch NVT-E), filler necks and oil level sight glasses, industrial controllers and tank heaters (tank heater EHP, tank heater EH, tank heater TEHM) - from our in-house production.