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ZO mounting flanges and gaskets

Size ZO160 - ZO350 / Makes the disassembly of a motor-pump-unit from the tank easier

The ZO flange is a mounting flange made of aluminium allowing for assembly and disassembly of the drive unit  „motor-pump“ outside the tank.

The mounting flange facilitates maintenance of the drive unit, since expensive  preparations (e. g.: draining the oil tank, etc.) are eliminated. The ZO flange is available from stock in sizes  ZO160 to ZO350.

The set of gaskets (DZ and DP gasket) made of NBR can be supplied.


  • Assembly/disassembly of the fully mounted drive unit outside the tank possible

  • Material: aluminium

  • DP and DZ gaskets made of perbunan

  • Pressure lines are led through the mounting flange

  • Suitable for bellhousings up to size P 350

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