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12.5 - 405 Nm

ROTEX® GS ZR2 backlash-free servo couplings

Cardan shaft with intermediate pipe made of steel variable in length

The double-cardanic ROTEX GS ZR2 is a simple intermediate shaft coupling (cardan shaft) with an intermediate pipe made of steel variable in length.

Both hubs are mounted by means of a CLAMPEX clamping element. The cardan shaft can be mounted radially without displacing driving and driven component. The intermediate shaft is variable in length and allows for transmitting the torque over a large axial distance.

Our range of cardan shafts includes both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway.

Typical applications of our cardan shaft ROTEX® GS ZR2 with an intermediate pipe made of steel variable in length:
Our intermediate pipe coupling is used wherever large shaft distances have to be bridged. The limits of application are defined by the operating speed and mounting length."

  • Intermediate shaft coupling / cardan shaft with CLAMPEX clamping elements for high friction
  • For bridging large shaft distances
  • Spacer radially dismountable
  • Backlash-free
  • Torsionally flexible
  • Axial plug-in
  • Axial, radial, angular compensation
  • Damping vibrations
  • Maintenance-free
  • Double-cardanic
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Servo coupling general description:

Our servo couplings are torsionally stiff shaft couplings soft in bending serving as a connection element between drive unit and measuring sensor. They transmit the torque free from backlash and conformally, making our backlash-free shaft couplings highly accurate. They also allow for compensation of radial, axial and angular displacements. Thanks to the high variety of coupling types and hub designs we are able to supply the right coupling for almost every application.

Backlash-free properties of servo couplings:

Apart from the jaw geometry of the coupling hubs, the backlash-free properties of the ROTEX® GS backlash-free servo couplings (elastomer couplings) are mainly based on the geometry of the ROTEX® GS spiders. They are designed in that they fit the concave jaws of the coupling hub with the convex teeth of the spider. Combined with the straight spline this results in lower surface pressure and higher stiffness of the coupling system.

Flexible spiders of servo couplings:

The flexible spiders of our elastomer couplings are available in five different kinds of Shore hardness. This allows to easily adjust the coupling to the individual specifications of an application in terms of torsional stiffness and vibration characteristics. The teeth of the spider compensating for displacements are radially supported in the internal diameter by a web. In this way excessive internal or external deformation with strong acceleration or high speeds are prevented. The permissible ambient temperature depends on the Shore hardness of the spider.

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