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Facts and figures

At a glance: KTR is at home in industrial markets on all continents with over 410 employees at its headquarters in Rheine, more than 1,100 employees worldwide, 23 subsidiaries and over 90 sales partners.
KTR has been certified to DIN ISO EN 9001:2000 since 1993 and to DIN ISO EN 14001:2005 since June 2008.

KTR campus

We must always be one step ahead of everyone else.

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Tacke, company's founder



There is no need for tradition and innovation to be a contradiction in terms: KTR’s company history shows how far a family business can go. Here are the key stages on the way to becoming a world-leading producer of power transmission components, braking systems, hydraulic components and cooling systems.

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