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Product image Temperature control and monitoring Hydraulic components tank heater type EH

Tank heater EH

Heating power 380 W - 2,300 W / Immersion heater

Tank heater for heating oils, e. g. hydraulic tanks or gearboxes

Inserted heaters, also referred to as immersion heaters, are made up of U-shaped, curved, highly compacted tubular heaters that are soldered resp. welded in a threaded nipple on the connection side.

A zinc-plated steel cover serves as a connection housing.

A temperature control can be installed inside or outside. The electrical supply must be installed via a cable gland on the fastening flange (type with temperature control) or on the connection cover (type without temperature controller). For the purpose of mounting the inserted heater (inserted tank heater) is pushed into a tank or the respective machine component and fastened by means of the attached sleeve or a counter nut.


  • Heating power from 380 W to 2,300 W

  • Immersion heater

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