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POLY-NORM M torsionally flexible, fail-safe shaft coupling


0 - 5,500 kNm / torsionally flexible, fail-safe shaft coupling

Shaft coupling for high torques and large shaft diameters

The torsionally flexible, fail-safe shaft coupling POLY-NORM M is a three-part large coupling mainly used in applicatioins with high torques and drives subjected to shocks.

It is particularly solid, fail-safe, compensates for any kind of shaft displacement while reliably transmitting high torques.

Several elastomer lines arranged in a row can transmit high torques with comparatively compact outside dimensions and absorb large shaft diameters of up to 900 mm.

The three-part structure of POLY-NORM M allows to replace the elastomers when mounted.


  • torques up to 5,500 kNm

  • shaft diameter up to Ø 900 mm

  • compact outside dimensions, since elastomers are arranged one after another

  • compact: small shaft distance dimension

  • damping vibrations

Product Details

torsionally flexible



damping vibrations

axial plug-in

compensating misalignment