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Product image Evolastic EFH high flexible couplings flange-to-shaft connection


0 - 5,600 Nm / highly flexible flange coupling

Highly flexible flange coupling for manifold applications

The highly flexible coupling type EFH/EFHP is a highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimensions for mounting to I. C.-engines.

This type is characterized by a mounting flange made of steel available in six SAE flange sizes.

Subject to its torsionally soft feature it serves for insulating vibrations and acoustics in the drive train.

Apart from transmitting the torque the coupling offsets axial, radial and angular misalignment and flexibly absorbs overloads.

Type EFH is axially screwable and available in eleven sizes.

Type EFHP is axially pluggable and available in eleven sizes.

Both types are available in the materials "NR" and on request "EPDM". The maximum operating temperatures are 90 °C (NR) and 110 °C (EPDM).

The radial hub is available as type 1.0 (feather keyway and setscrew), 1.3 (spline toothing) and 3.1 (spline/clamping hub N).


  • highly flexible coupling

  • for mounting the flywheel to I. C.-engines with SAE and special flange dimensions

  • flexible use in mechanical and plant engineering

  • damping torsional vibrations

  • maintenance-free by material combination elastomer/steel

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