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Product image TOOLFLEX PI metal bellow-type couplings axial plug-in


15 - 340 Nm / metal bellow-type coupling

TOOLFLEX PI plug-in metal bellow-type coupling - for quick and frequent assembly/disassembly

TOOLFLEX PI is a backlash-free, torsionally stiff and axially pluggable metal bellow-type coupling for quick and frequent assembly and disassembly.

Up to size 45 the hubs are made of aluminium, size 55 is made of steel. The bellow is made of stainless steel. Optionally the clamping hubs can be provided with a feather keyway.

Types of TOOLFLEX PI metal bellow-type coupling:

Type S:
metal bellow-type coupling with compact bellow made up of 4 layers

Type M:
metal bellow-type coupling with bellow made up of 6 layers


  • backlash-free, torsionally stiff plug-in metal bellow-type coupling
  • axial plug-in
  • optionally available with short bellow with 4 layers (type S) or bellow with 6 layers (type M)
  • offsetting radial, axial and angular displacements.

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Johannes Deister - Product manager backlash-free servo couplings