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RADEX-N for wind turbines

up to 300,000 Nm / steel laminae coupling

The core of the RADEX-N laminae coupling are the laminas subjected to special treatment. They are reciprocally connected to hub and spacer via high-strength dowel screws, thus ensuring high ease of displacement and increased power density.

The steel laminae sets of this wind power coupling were developed by means of FEM calculations. The result is the typical waisted shape allowing for an optimum combination of torque transmission, torsional stiffness and the necessary options of displacement.


  • wind power coupling 
  • backlash-free all-steel coupling /  laminae coupling
  • laminas made of high-strength spring steel
  • compensating for high displacements
  • Coupling can be combined with our brake systems

Product Details


Reiner Banemann - Product manager steel lamina couplings