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Off Highway Machines: Hatz

KTR components in the new engine series H by Hatz

Hatz, the Lower Bavarian manufacturer of diesel engines, provides all types of the recently developed series H as an open power unit ready to install to this large clientele. The basic type, the water-cooled 4 cylinder Hatz 4H50TIC with 2 litres cylinder capacity and a maximum power of 55 kW makes use of common rail technology, turbo loaders and external exhaust gas recirculation. Series H meets the very strict emission regulations level III B (EU) and EPA Tier 4 final (USA) without using particle filters and has been designed based on a pioneering downsizing principle making the engine the most compact and most light-weight one of its class, as stated by the manufacturer.

For cooling charge air and engine coolant, a dual-circuit combined cooler from the MMC series by KTR is used which was dimensioned in cooperation with Hatz. In addition a compact oil cooler is part of the scope of delivery which is mounted on the engine side cooling the engine oil with the engine coolant. If the engine is used as a primary unit of a hydrostatic drive, a KTR flange coupling on the flywheel side is supplied by the manufacturer or recommended to be mounted, respectively. In this case a BoWex® flange coupling FLE-PA is concerned ensuring the connection between flywheel and hydraulic pump. The coupling serves for compensating for the misalignment in the drive train. Subject to its high torsion spring stiffness it furthermore makes sure that there is no generation of any critical resonances, thus considerably adding to protecting the adjacent components as well as the overall power pack.