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In mechanical engineering, we have to deal with complex contexts on a daily basis. With our white papers, we reduce the complexity for you and compile the topics that affect our products clearly for you.

You get quick access to the topics and find out directly who you can talk to further about this topic if you have any questions. Have fun browsing!

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Whitepaper: Cooling systems

Multiple-circuit coolers for mobile and stationary machines

Dimensioning advice and recommendations

Temperature control is an integral consideration when it comes to the performance and service life of combustion engines as well as gearboxes and hydraulic systems of driven machines. Consequently drives need to be cooled both precisely and efficiently.

Teaser Whitepaper MMC Multiple-circuit coolers - KTR Systems

Whitepaper: Cooling systems

Cooling of gearboxes and stationary hydraulic systems

Since cooling is necessary in many hydraulic applications, the selection and design of cooling systems is one of the tasks of the hydraulic designer. Temperature is one of the most important operating parameters in both hydraulic systems and transmissions. Find the appropriate ways to keep the hydraulic oil always within the desired level.

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Whitepaper: Magnetic Couplings

Contactless torque transmission with magnetic couplings

Magnetic couplings are genuine problem solvers when it comes to reliable sealing and pumping of critical substances combined with wear-free overload protection at low torques. It pays for construction engineers to take a closer look at the concept of contactless torque transmission and torque limitation.

Teaser Whitepaper MINEX - EN