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Heating power 250 W - 1,000 W

Tank heater TEHM

Tank heater with magnetic clamps for heating of oils, for example in hydraulic tanks or gearboxes

Inserted tank heaters with magnetic clamps (TEHM) are mainly used to prevent frost damages on the liquid medium or tank with low ambient temperatures.

Besides the function as a frost protection, tank heaters are used on those applications that require a defined temperature range for a liquid. Thus, hydraulic oil can be kept at or pre-heated to an optimum temperature in a tank or power pack with tank heaters. 

Due to their easy mounting process tank heaters with magnetic clamps (TEHM) are also suitable for low-priced retrofitting of plants that have already commenced operation.

  • Tank heater with magnetic clamp for heating of oils
  • Ideally suitable for retrofitting
  • For mounting in the oil tank
  • Horizontal mounting on the tank ground or vertical mounting on the tank wall
  • Fastening via magnetic clamps
  • Control by means of installed thermostat with pre-set switch-on resp. switch-off temperature
  • The connection cable can easily be led outside
  • No oil drain and no welding of sleeve necessary
  • Heating power of 250 W to 1,000 W
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General description for tank heater

Electrical heating elements for liquid heating are used on various applications and processes in the industry.

From the part of the industry heating of oil is the most common application in the field of liquid heating. Every type of oil has specific properties which have to be considered when choosing the temperatures driven and consequently the maxium surface load and heating times.

As an example, we use tank heaters and cartridge heaters for pre-heating hydraulic oil and oil tanks. Other applications are heating of lubriating oil supply systems, for example for gearboxes.

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